Scripture: Revelation 22:1-5

AND THERE SHALL BE NO NIGHT THERE; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.


I may be right or wrong if make a conclusive statement on Revelation chapter 22 to be and in my own words as “God’s Promises are sure!” First, John reaffirms the underlying conviction of the whole book. God is faithful and just. God’s promises will be kept. God’s faithful followers will not be ravaged by the cruelties of this world, for God will surely deliver them and us.

Today, there are curses in operation on the earth. The curses on the earth run so deep and so wide that no one is able to escape from its reality. Curses abound on every continent and on all kinds of people. There is no human being – rich or poor, black, or white – who can escape the power of the thick curses on earth. Frustration, disappointments, and disillusionment mark almost every aspect of life on this earth. There are few people who can say they have escaped the sorrows on this earth.

 One of the amazing characteristics of Heaven will be the absence of curses. On the other hand, a key characteristic of life on this earth is the presence of curses. There are curses everywhere. You may be sleeping on an accursed bed. You may be living in a house that was built with accursed money. The land on which you build your house may be cursed land on which blood has been shed. Even if there are no specific curses on you, there may be curses in your life because of what your parents did. Even if your parents did not do anything that warrants a curse, your ancestors may have. The global curses spoken over Adam, Eve and Noah obviously affect the human race. The curses of Adam, Eve and Noah will affect everyone.

 A Proper Respect for A Black Mamba

 Anyone who does not have a proper respect for curses is like someone who does not understand the power and danger of snakes. “I remember watching a documentary on a British lady who came to Africa with her boyfriend to study to become a wildlife game warden.” Dag Heward-Mills

 One afternoon, they were in a classroom when somebody spotted a black mamba outside in the corridor. As they were wildlife specialists, they had no intention of killing the black mamba. Rather, they decided to encourage it to go away.

 This British lady’s boyfriend was excited about it all and got involved in catching the black mamba. In the process however, the young man had the tiniest scratch from the black mamba. He was not actually bitten by the black mamba but had only received the slightest nick. Everyone, including the lecturer, did not consider this to be of any danger to anyone, and they continued with the class as normal. Twenty minutes into the lecture, the young man fell out of his seat in the classroom, staring silently into outer space through glazed eyes. He was pronounced dead within an hour.

 Even the slightest nick from a black mamba, without any bleeding, is enough to kill a grown man. Indeed, you must have a proper respect for a black mamba.

A Proper Respect for a Curse

 So, it is with a curse! You must have a proper respect for curses. The slightest abrasion, the slightest cut, or the slightest scratch of a curse on your life can have far-reaching consequences. To take the bite, the scratch, the nick of a black mamba lightly, is to disrespect the potential that it carries to kill you within a few minutes.

 This is the kind of respect you must have for curses. It may be a brief word or statement. It may seem inconsequential. The one speaking the curse may seem weak and powerless to harm you, but you must be careful “not to despise prophesyings”.

 If you do not have a proper respect for curses spoken, you will live to fulfil them beyond your wildest imagination. I pray that you will see and respect the power that resides within the smallest spoken word of a curse. When you have a proper respect for curses, you will be afraid to steal, cheat, lie or do anything that may activate a curse in your life.


Dear Lord! I choose to have proper respect for curses henceforth. I pray for wisdom to understand how to neutralize whatever curses that stick around, amen.

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Pastor Bob (Idamiebi Benson Bob-Manuel) is a husband and father of three. Born and raised in Nigeria he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 to pursue a calling from the Lord to build an in-person and online ministry. After serving in various ministerial capacities for 18 years, Bob was ordained as a Pastor in January 2018. Since coming to Canada he has served at The Bridge Church, a ministry under the covering of the Foursquare Church of Canada and currently serves as an associate pastor with Wellsprings Victory Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bob has a passion for sharing the word of God through preaching, teaching, and worship. He believes in the power and righteousness of servant leadership and has devoted his life to walking the path that God has placed before him. Bob is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership through distance learning with Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada.

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