Serpents Are Masters of Non-Dependent Living

Serpents Are Masters of Non-Dependent Living

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

“Yet we urge you, brothers and sisters, to do so more and more, 11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.”


Yesterday, we considered seven reasons why Serpents are considered wise. To be wise, you must think, meditate, and ponder over facts, truths, and statements. You cannot just gloss over deep sayings that mean so much. When Jesus said, “Be wise as serpents”, he was giving a dark saying; a saying that is full of wisdom, meaning and guidance.

Have you ever given any thought to the absence of lions in the area around your home? But snakes are probably present in your neighbourhood. Snakes are present in the majority of the areas back in Nigeria, at least. Simply put, there are no lions in your area. They were exterminated because they did not follow the serpent’s wisdom. They function according to a different kind of wisdom—the wisdom of a lion.

We should respect and fear lions because of their intelligence. However, despite having wisdom, lions have not been able to successfully flourish and proliferate in urban areas around the world. Lion populations are declining. The lion is going extinct! On the other hand, snakes are eerily present in every town and neighbourhood. The snake has prevailed, flourished, and prospered in that sense, whereas the lion has diminished and is on the verge of extinction. As a result, the snake is wiser than the lion.

Having said, let’s consider why Serpents are masters of non-dependent living from today’s scripture……” So that you will not be dependent on anybody.”

Serpents are regarded as wise because they don’t rely on other people. To command the respect of others, a leader must be independent of everyone. A minister needs to put in a lot of effort to stay away from begging in any form. Whether done by presidents, politicians, or pastors, begging is still begging! Even when it is described in polite terms like “seeking investors,” “seeking aid,” or “attending donor conferences,” begging is still begging. Being independent and doing your own work is an alternative to relying on others.

Why do you constantly beg and demand things? Have you never read the line from Psalm 37:25 where David states, “I have not seen the righteous forsaken, not his seed begging bread”? Do you not feel guilty for living your life in the expectation of receiving something from someone else? Given how dependent you are on others, do you believe they respect you at all? No, they don’t! The scripture should be carefully read and considered. Make it your goal to live a quiet life, to keep to yourself, and to perform manual labour (see fundamental scripture).

Snakes are Masters of Independent living, as evidenced by their behaviour. From the moment they are born, they have the ability to live independently. You must be able to be independent or non-dependent in order to be wise as a serpent. It is a sad sight to see leaders of underdeveloped nations scouring the globe for gifts and loans from wealthier nations.

Unfortunately, a lot of colonized countries have had trouble surviving without their colonial rulers. Simply put, they lack the capacity for independence. Many developing nations are failed states that are unable to govern themselves! Despite having fought for independence, they are not at all free. Every year, they celebrate their independence when they ought to be lamenting their on-going dependence!

Nations have been governed by hopelessly incompetent individuals who sent them into a downward spiral of poverty. Poor and ineffective leadership is demonstrated by the fact that leaders are unable to construct roads connecting two cities or to provide electricity, water, schools, and hospitals. Some of the poorer nations’ leaders believe that leading a country entail begging for money from people.

In conclusion, Serpents, on the other hand, can successfully live without their parents because they are independent from the moment they are born. The majority of snakes are capable of killing from the moment they are born, and they frequently begin their lives alone. Serpents do not require assistance and are capable of starting out on their own and leading successful independent lives, unlike some nations that depend on handouts and gifts from other nations in order to survive.

Tomorrow, we shall discuss on “How to Demonstrate That You Are Capable of Independence?”


O lord! Please! Help us to become masters of non-dependent living on earth, Amen.

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Pastor Bob (Idamiebi Benson Bob-Manuel) is a husband and father of three. Born and raised in Nigeria he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 to pursue a calling from the Lord to build an in-person and online ministry. After serving in various ministerial capacities for 18 years, Bob was ordained as a Pastor in January 2018. Since coming to Canada he has served at The Bridge Church, a ministry under the covering of the Foursquare Church of Canada and currently serves as an associate pastor with Wellsprings Victory Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bob has a passion for sharing the word of God through preaching, teaching, and worship. He believes in the power and righteousness of servant leadership and has devoted his life to walking the path that God has placed before him. Bob is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership through distance learning with Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada.

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