Scripture: Deuteronomy 27:11-13

And MOSES CHARGED THE PEOPLE the same day, saying, THESE SHALL STAND UPON MOUNT GERIZIM TO BLESS the people, when ye are come over Jordan; Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Joseph, and Benjamin: AND THESE SHALL STAND UPON MOUNT EBAL TO CURSE; Reuben, Gad, and Asher, and Zebulun, Dan, and Naphtali.


 Moses was the author of most of the top Bible blessings and curses. He declared these curses for the people of God as he established Israel as a nation.

 The top Bible curses are listed as things that you must avoid. You must live your life in such a way as to avoid ever stepping into any of these things. If you do not have a proper respect for these written curses, they will envelope your life and colour everything you do. A visit to the Yad Vashem Memorial in Israel will help you to have a proper respect for the curses declared by Moses.

 Without a proper respect for these curses, you will constantly do things which will bring these curses into your life. I notice many people who do not have a proper respect for the curses in the world. It is interesting because I believe that life is largely determined by the blessings and curses that have already been spoken into the atmosphere.

I have over twenty levels of curses I would like to share, however, for the benefit of this devotional, I would like to share two levels of curses.


 People who love money and worship money as an idol are cursed, (even if they are pastors). No idol is worth worshipping. You always find a curse on people who follow money and serve it instead of serving God. Pastors who serve money instead of serving God bring a curse on themselves and their ministries.

 People who give up their ministries to seek after prosperity only attract the curse on idol worshippers. They set it up in the secret places of their heart and follow it secretly instead of following God. This only brings frustration, emptiness, and misfortune. And that is a curse!

 All through the Bible, it is this one thing that invokes God’s anger. You will notice that God never commented on the number of wives Abraham, Isaac, David, Jacob, and Solomon had. But He was furious about their gods. God is always angry when you have an alternative to Him. God is always angry when there is something or someone else that can make you move, sacrifice, and change your life. When God is not able to make you move and do things for Him, but money and jobs are able to do that, He is angered because He recognizes you have another god.

 CURSED IS THE MAN WHO MAKES AN IDOL or a molten image, an abomination to the LORD, the work of the hands of the craftsman, and sets it up in secret…Deuteronomy 27:15 (NASB)


CURSED IS HE WHO DISHONORS HIS FATHER OR MOTHER. And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’ Deuteronomy 27:16 (NASB)

 Whoso curseth his father or his mother, HIS LAMP shall be put out in OBSCURE DARKNESS. Proverbs 20:20

 Dishonoring parents will draw curses faster than most things. Your lamp will go out and you will enter obscurity and darkness when you dishonor fathers. The power of God is unleashed upon those who have no time to fear and respect fathers. A father is a God-ordained position. It is a heavily defended, fortified, spiritual place.

Disrespect and disregard for that place have great consequences. Watch out for those who turn off the lamp in their lives by dishonoring their fathers and their mothers.

Dear friends! The list of curses found in the Bible is endless. I hope the two previously mentioned points have taught us something. I pray that we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that we will learn to honor our parents going forward by following these teachings.


Dear Lord! Please, help us to neutralize whatever curse that might have come because of dishonoring our parents, amen.

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Pastor Bob (Idamiebi Benson Bob-Manuel) is a husband and father of three. Born and raised in Nigeria he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 to pursue a calling from the Lord to build an in-person and online ministry. After serving in various ministerial capacities for 18 years, Bob was ordained as a Pastor in January 2018. Since coming to Canada he has served at The Bridge Church, a ministry under the covering of the Foursquare Church of Canada and currently serves as an associate pastor with Wellsprings Victory Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bob has a passion for sharing the word of God through preaching, teaching, and worship. He believes in the power and righteousness of servant leadership and has devoted his life to walking the path that God has placed before him. Bob is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership through distance learning with Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada.

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