Your Job Vs Work

Your Job Vs Work

Scripture: St. John 4:34

“Jesus saith unto them, my meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.”


Food is intended to replenish and revitalize the body. A body that doesn’t eat the right foods will be frail, incapable, and ill. A healthy meal, on the other hand, gives the body the energy and strength it needs. The “food” of our spirit, so to speak, is God’s will. After a long journey, Jesus was worn out and weary (John 4:6). The fact that He simply carried out God’s will give Him a spiritual boost.

Additionally, a lot of people think that the words “job” and “work” are very similar. People have said things like, “My job pays all of my bills,” “I love my job,” “My job is demanding or more professional than others,” and so on. I’m confident that the type of work Jesus described in our foundational verse was not what we typically refer to as work; rather, I would call it a job.

Please, allow me to briefly define these two words from the dictionary.

– JOB – “a paid position of regular employment or a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid

– WORK – is an activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something.

Now, from both definitions and speaking from Jesus’s perspective and from the Bible, I could say that.

1- a JOB is whatever you are trained to do as a skill in order to get paid at the end of a task.

2- WORK is a birthed gift (what you were born to do on earth), and this gift stands as your “Purpose” in life.


Purpose is the reason or original intent of which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Let’s also consider Jesus’ comment to his disciples once more. You would notice that he called his mission on earth “my work or meat” and that he was very clear about it. His primary responsibility was to carry out his father’s will, which was God’s work or purpose.

The NIV translation says in Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

I recognize that God is much more interested in his purposes (work) than in our plans. I extend my heartiest congratulations on your height of accomplishments at whatever level you have reached thus far in your circular jobs, but God is asking for your work (life purpose). If I may ask, what is it that motivates you every day—something you do with joy, without expecting payment, and with such zeal—that you find yourself doing? Mine, is preaching, teaching, praying for the sick, and singing.

Good friends, I’m positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is your gift (purpose), not your job or skills, that allows you to sit and eat with Kings and Queens. It is beneficial to keep working at your jobs, as long as you do so obediently, respectfully, and with all your heart. On the other hand, don’t ignore the gift you were born with. It’s time to begin cultivating those gifts you already possess while working full-time jobs.

 Finally, make sure that you constantly desire to complete the work (purpose) you were given to carry out on this planet rather than just having an unfinished purpose.



Identify Your Work (PURPOSE) now and finish it before Leaving this Earth……

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Pastor Bob.

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Pastor Bob (Idamiebi Benson Bob-Manuel) is a husband and father of three. Born and raised in Nigeria he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 to pursue a calling from the Lord to build an in-person and online ministry. After serving in various ministerial capacities for 18 years, Bob was ordained as a Pastor in January 2018. Since coming to Canada he has served at The Bridge Church, a ministry under the covering of the Foursquare Church of Canada and currently serves as an associate pastor with Wellsprings Victory Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bob has a passion for sharing the word of God through preaching, teaching, and worship. He believes in the power and righteousness of servant leadership and has devoted his life to walking the path that God has placed before him. Bob is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership through distance learning with Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada.

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